Thank You For The Apathy.

Words take thought. Thought takes effort. Most are on a blood thirsty crusade to argue the semantics of both. Hilarity and Depression seem to fornicate right in the Middle.

Today has been the worst fucking day in my recent memory and there is no one listening there is no one concerned for me there is no one that misses me there is no texts no calls no letters no replies no general warmth being pushed my way and the carpet is being dragged out from under me and I just want to know what in the universes name is so fucking un-special about me that brings all this about when I’m giving every last iota of being to doing good and being something recognizable and I get mountains pushed in my way instead of clearing a path to something.

To someone.

There’s a spot in my bed that I keep cold in hopes that you will come and warm it up.

Coconut Records

—West Coast

for a second there I thought you disappeared
it rains a lot this time of year
and we both go together if one falls down
I talk out loud like you’re still around

(Source: helladweeb, via alisoncatherine)

I wish I was yours.