Thank You For The Apathy.

Words take thought. Thought takes effort. Most are on a blood thirsty crusade to argue the semantics of both. Hilarity and Depression seem to fornicate right in the Middle.

Lets join on all social media and make it an affair.

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I have a head full of garbage
Heart full of sand

Today is going to be a challenge

DIVORCE- LIFERS Out now on Head2Wall Records

I’ve been talking about it for a while now and I’m just really happy/proud/nervous/whatever else that it’s finally out.

It’s been a really weird year for me and a lot of whats happened or changed is part of this record. Everyone who was on for the ride and stuck around and helped and encouraged is all a part of this.

From the art, to the words to the shows and whatever else. I Just want to say thanks to every one who has bought the record, told people about it. To all our friends who booked us on shows before ever hearing a note of what we were doing and most of all to Matt Very and Head2Wall Records for all the crazy hard work they’ve put behind this. I love this record. It’s a giant chunk of very personal things being shoved out into the world and i’m happy if anyone even takes the time to listen let alone buy or share. So thank you again to everyone and I really hope you get something from this weird sad album that me and me closest brothers made. 

Also I want to thank tumblr for helping in this process more than I thought could. The art work was found and commissioned by Angela Deane and her amazing series of ghost photos and our shirt designs were commissioned by an AMAZING up and coming artist named Anna Pan who’s work you should find on this very site.  

You can buy/listen/share using the link above. Thank you again to anyone who has ever even listened to a single note. I wish I could explain how much it means to me.